Advancing UAV-based EWC surveillance

Advancing UAV-based EWC surveillance

Under development
Since 2023-07
Product: Invasive Species Detector

To enhance Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC)‘s capability for UAV-based surveillance of European Water Chestnut (EWC) through machine learning, we at Saiwa have previously implemented the initial version of the EWC detector software. In the second stage, we are in the process of finalizing the product’s features and upgrading its interfaces.

The two primary features to be incorporated in this stage are as follows:

  1. Incremental learning for gradually training the deep network over time. This feature enables us to rectify false positive and false negative detections over time.
  2. Reporting the 3D universal coordinates of EWC locations using drone configuration and temporal GPS data.

Project customer: Duck Unlimited Canada Company
Project status: Under development [July 2023 – now]
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