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An integrated AI/ML-drone platform that makes   Agriculture more efficient, and environmental monitoring smarter.
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Why saiwa?
Synergistic Squad

We have assembled a diverse, multi-disciplinary team comprising experts in AI, software development, manufacturing, agriculture, education, health, and energy to provide comprehensive technical support.

Streamlined Interaction

Our platform boasts a user-friendly interface complemented by easily accessible customization tools, ensuring seamless user experience.

Cloud Powerhouse

Leveraging Amazon cloud services, we offer cost-effective solutions with robust functionalities, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Agile Architecture

Our platform is designed for efficiency, facilitating swift modifications and updates with minimal effort, ensuring adaptability for future needs.

Guardians of Privacy

Enjoy multiple adaptive privacy levels tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring confidentiality and security at every level.

Tailored Solutions

Choose from multiple customization levels, each with its associated costs, allowing you to tailor the platform to suit your precise needs and budget.

Personalized Pricing

We offer a variety of pricing strategies and license types, ensuring flexibility for different customers with diverse requirements and budgets.

Virtual Showcase

Experience our platform firsthand through our online interactive demo or seamlessly integrate our services via API calls.

Who works with us:
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Comments we received from experts and potential users:
Kyle Borrowman
Biologist at Ducks Unlimited Canada
Working with saiwa has opened new opportunities in how we approach conservation and ecological restoration projects. Saiwa has helped automate aspects of our invasive species monitoring and surveillance efforts through the integration of AI and machine learning. We are excited to be implementing these new technologies and techniques with saiwa, and collaborating with our industry partners to strengthen our ability to detect and respond to new invasive species threats on the landscape.
Jean-Michel Morel
Centre Borelli, ENS Paris-Saclay
I like the concept of a blind process. It works well for line segments and arcs. For deblurring, it will be difficult to make it work without orienting the user better. The super-resolution tool works quite well, it's really impressive. The interaction works well, I think it is a great idea to put into it as many results by neural networks that work well, so people can try them and see the results on their own images.
Kate Withers Hess
Innovation and Business Development Strategist
I have been looking at user friendly AI services to use as a potential decentralized p2p photo service in protocols my team is developing with a web3 company called Functionland. We have experimented with Saiwa's face recognition tool. It can detect how many people are in a photograph rapidly and accurately, and i look forward to pairing that with photo grouping capabilities, and trying some of the other photographic enhancing tools such as de-blurring, denoising and contrast enhancement.
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