Smart Agriculture,
One Flight at a Time

Sairone is an integrated AI/ML-drone platform that makes agriculture more efficient, and environmental monitoring smarter.

AI-powered drones are an emerging technology revolutionising agriculture by providing real-time data and insights to farmers and environmentalists, improving efficiency and performance.

UAV-based detection, integrated with advanced image processing and machine learning techniques, boosts efficiency and precision for Invasive Species Monitoring, such as for European Water Chestnut (Trapa Natans).

Seedling Counting 

Monitoring seeds and seedlings in greenhouses during the plant life cycle poses a significant challenge due to their small size and lack of distinct morphological characteristics. Sairone automatically segments blocks of seedlings, counts the seedlings, and detects and localizes the empty cavities inside each block. This provides a high-resolution, rapid, and scalable plant-based monitoring solution.

Nitrogen Content Estimation 

Accurate determination of Nitrogen (N2) content in plants is critical to effectively manage greenhouse fields. N2 is an essential nutrient for leaf growth and photosynthesis, ultimately determining plant productivity. Sairone extracts vegetation spectral indices from UAV images and performs crop nutrient analysis and N2 content estimation via proprietary machine learning techniques.

Sairone Is Released

Launched January 31st 2024

Trained services

Al services powered by Saiwa have been specifically trained for the agricultural, greenhouse, and ecological fields and are able to meet your needs for better performance


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Our Roadmap

From concept to public launch.

Data collection

Data preprocessing

Feature extraction

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What is Sairone?

Sairone is a platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, designed and trained by Saiwa specifically for agriculture, greenhouse, and ecological fields. This platform can be integrated with all kinds of drones and optimize a wide variety of operations and processes by providing different insights, tailored to your unique needs.

How do I get started?

For us to provide you with our services in the most efficient way, it is necessary for our team to understand your business needs. Register on our platform or contact us

What crops do you support?

Our pre-trained AI/ML services are available for a variety of products including corn, wheat, rice, and trees. If you have a product that is not on our list, the Sairone team can customize the service for your desired product.

What are the benefits of using Sairone over traditional methods?

Our drone-based services and AI platform offer a number of benefits over traditional methods, including:

* Increased efficiency and productivity

* Reduced costs

* Improved accuracy and precision

* Enhanced safety and security

* Reduced environmental impact

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