saiwa in alpha version is lunched ...

saiwa in alpha version is lunched ...

Sun Aug 01 2021

Today we are excited to announce the alpha release of the website. This is the result of hundreds of hours of hard work, all to ensure that researchers, companies and individuals may experiment with AI for their specific use cases, without large initial investment and with lower risk and expertise.

During the month-long alpha test undertaking in July, our team of developers and AI experts at saiwa performed functionality and service tests. We passed several testing cycles, identifying issues, reporting, root causing, verification and finally validation. Our vision is to deliver an outstanding product to our customers, and to accomplish this we need user insight on how we can align our vision with customer needs, before releasing our final stable product. Here we are proud to share finely tuned saiwa, ready for the next round of validation testing with beta testers.

To do so, a focus group of approximately one hundred experts and our potential customers are planning to test and comment on saiwa throughout August 2021. Then, we aim to officially announce saiwa's first set of online services in September.

While we drive towards our stable product phase, the alpha version of saiwa services is now online and free to try. Anything which is free now will be free forever. We ask that alpha users submit tickets on bugs encountered, and please don't hesitate to contact us so that we can address it as soon as possible. We will be working hard in the background to fix minor issues that will lead up to our final stable release.

We always love to hear your thoughts and comments. Contact us with any feedback at contact form or

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