Saiwa first package of services is released...

Saiwa first package of services is released...

Fri Sep 10 2021

Today, we are excited to announce that our first services have successfully passed beta testing by a panel of experts and users with different interests and concerns.

Now, twelve services are ready for free public usage, including:

  1.  Basic image processing services i.e. line segment and arcline detection, image contrast enhancement, image restoration (denoising, deblurring and deraining) and resolution enhancement;
  2. Detection services including object detection, human face and facial component detection and pose estimation;
  3. Object counting service and finally and of the most interest
  4. Deep learning service to train a deep neural network on user-specific classes and images, and then, to evaluate the trained model on test images. Note: deep learning service is an exception to our free plan due to current resource limitations. We hope to offer this feature freely in the near future.


saiwa provides a ticketing system for online technical customer questions and responses, and to report any functional issues.

We are still only at the beginning of a long road, with many more powerful and exciting services to provide. We are working on our second set of services which will be released 1st November 2021. Features you can expect in our second and third releases are:

  1. Image inpainting,
  2. Speech-to-text and text-to-speech services (and other natural language processing related services),
  3. Machine learning services for training feed-forward neural networks and support vector machines on data,
  4. Authentication using voice, handwriting, fingerprint biometrics,
  5. Sentiment analysis services,
  6. Scanner services for vehicle license plates, credit cards, and etc,
  7. APIs and web-services for directly calling services inside an application or piece of software,
  8. Service local execution (instead of current cloud-based application) for users with privacy concerns,
  9. Annotation service for simple and online annotation of image datasets.

We are always eager to hear your comments. Please contact us with any feedback at contact form or

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