Sairone Online Demo is Released

Sairone Online Demo is Released

Wed Feb 07 2024

The Saiwa platform enables the deployment of AI models across several industry verticals, such as food and beverage processing, by offering an intuitive interface with state-of-the-art "pre-baked" image processing and vision algorithms.

What is Sairone?

Our latest product, Sairone, is a digital platform that enables farmers, greenhouse operators, and environmental technicians to manage their own agricultural imaging data from fields, orchards, and greenhouses. In Sairone, we provide a cutting-edge technology that is transforming the agricultural industry by giving producers access to real-time data analysis and insights, enabling them to take proactive measures to enhance agricultural productivity and performance.

What are Sairone features?

With modules like video stream management from drones and cameras, extraction of particular frames, image labeling, smooth image sharing among users, and streamlined report generation for operational or managerial considerations, our technology provides an easy-to-use "Do It Yourself" platform.

Sairone can automate monotonous operations like finding, counting, or recording empty cells in greenhouse planting pots, or identifying serious nutrient deficits and invasive pests. Growers may be more proactive in their decisions about integrated pest control, nutrient inputs, and overall production costs by utilizing automated detection and counting systems, as well as real-time reporting of data or crucial circumstances.

With an overall view of the greenhouse with dashboards indicating key information such as number of empty cavities in each block of seedlings, number of seedlings per block, and more, greenhouse operators can plan and perform management activities faster.


Sairone is an integrated AI/ML-drone platform that improves environmental monitoring and agricultural productivity. Drones with AI capabilities are a new technology that is revolutionizing agriculture by giving farmers and environmentalists access to real-time data and insights that boost productivity and performance.

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