Near final version

Near final version

Sun Aug 15 2021

We are delighted to release the first set of services offered by This marks the half-way point of the full release, and a good moment to take another look at the full scope of saiwa. saiwa is a step towards AIaaS and its main focus is to provide a simple user interface to generic artificial intelligence algorithms. This is only the first set of many services that we have scoped and plan to deliver on, and we are so excited to share our first steps on this journey.

During the first two weeks of August we received many constructive comments and feedback from experts in AI, software development, and other scientific fields who deployed saiwa on their own data. Their perspective informed us on how we can make saiwa a the go-to tool for AIaaS and has us energized to improve! Here, we would like to thank everyone and we hope to receive more comments.

We are so thrilled with the interest saiwa generated in just two weeks - we saw more than 460 uses by 40 registered users and way more by unauthorized users. We received many tickets and emails with suggestions or error-reporting, and we successfully responding to more than 90% of them. Now, many features and services are in close-to-final form but we still and always love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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