Happy New Year...

Happy New Year...

Wed Jan 05 2022

For us here at saiwa, 2021 was an exciting and productive year! We released 17 services for artificial intelligence enthusiasts, with a variety of features including services that are customer-tunable, fully customizable, and even custom-defined according to your unique needs! We thank everyone who helped us achieve these milestones and bring us closer to our goal of delivering safe and flexible AI solutions to everyone.

The year 2021 is over and it’s been a good one here at Saiwa! Thanks to the efforts of the developer's team and experts in AI, we were able to perform alpha testing of our services in this year. Also, after receiving comments and feedback from experts in AI, software development, and other scientific fields, the beta test was successful. We are now proud to announce that by the end of 2021, all services provided by Saiwa have successfully completed their testing period. The AI services provided are carefully tuned and all those interested in artificial intelligence can use them online and for free. As we promised before, with the efforts of Saiwa's AI experts in 2021, we can now customize all 17 services provided at Saiwa including deep learning, object detection, face detection, etc for enthusiasts, AI professionals, and companies according to their unique issues. The talented AI team and Saiwa's powerful platform provide several levels of AI services customization. Starting from online AI services with a simple user friend UI, to user-centered AI customization tools, and finally, Saiwa experts customize AI services. Saiwa intends to provide a unique feature for its customers in 2022. Our customers will use our services without sharing their data, their data transfer will be zero! but how!? Wait for the answer to this question in 2022.

We’re looking forward to stepping into 2022 with you!

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