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Line Segment Detection

Line Segment Detection refers to detecting line segment primitives in images for various image analysis applications. Detecting image primitives may simplifies and accelerates many image processing applications like object detection, tracking, image segmentation, and etc. saiwa Line Segment Detector employ the well-known LSD algorithm that following a statistical approach gives accurate results, a controlled number of false detections, and requires no parameter tuning. For more information about LSD technical details, please refer to Line Segment Detection white paper.

saiwa Line Segment Detection service has advantages like:


  • An state-of-the-art fast and accurate method
  • Reduced number of false detections without any parameter tuning
  • Manually modifying parameters for customizing the algorithm upon interest
  • Image aggregation to apply the algorithm on several images at once
  • Preview and download the resulting images
  • Exporting and archiving the results in user cloud space or locally
  • Service customization by saiwa© team using “Request for customization” optionLine Segment Detection has numerous application, just to name a few:1. Image analysis like detecting primitives with higher level of complexity
    2.Industrial applications like crack detection in materials
    3. Medical applications like detecting retinal blood vessels


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