Corrective Eexercise

Corrective Eexercise

Corrective exercise is the name of an artificial intelligence service that helps you check the correctness of your sports movements without the physical presence of your trainer. This service is based on Pose Estimation service. Efficient Pose Estimation is the most important part of this service, which focuses on finding people’s body parts and localizing anatomical key points.
Pose Estimation may have complexities such as specific body postures or positions, large numbers of people in the images, and interactions between people due to contact, which we at Saiwa have overcome.
In the corrective exercise service, the user pose from a photo or frames selected from a video are compared with a reference. The faulty parts of the pose are marked in red while the parts with partial deviation from the reference pose are coloured orange. The correct sections of the pose are green.
The users are also able to view the 3D avatar of their movements and the quality of the performance in a quantified way.

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